Plaque Mounting is a unique way to display your finished work and is an attractive alternative to framing. They are available in two different thicknesses: standard, or deep profile. The finished product is durable, elegant, and eye-catching.

Our Standard Plaque is finished with your choice of laminate, mounted to 3/8” MDF board, foil edged and slot routered on the back ready to hang.

Our Deep Profile Plaque is similar in look to the Standard but with a much deeper 1” profile. 

Standard and Deep Profile Foiled edges are available in the following colours; Black, White, Gold & Silver.

As a finishing option for Masonite board we also offer a unique “Flush Masonite” service. After mounting (with or without laminate) the edges of the board are routered flush with a slight bevel and completed with a black foil treatment.

Flush Masonite is an attractive and affordable way to present finished enlargements when not supplied in a frame.

It is important to note that due to the beveling and finishing process up to 1/8” may be cut-off around all sides.

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