HG Metal Prints

High-gloss (HG) prints, are stunning images, dye infused on Aluminum

High Gloss Metal is a very unique medium for presenting images.

The process involves infusing dye directly into a coated aluminum substrate.
The end result is a vibrant impressive print with great detail and resolution.

Also included, is a unique extruded aluminum frame, inset on the back, which allows for a modern way to hang and display these prints.

The Advantages of HG Metal Prints are: 

  • durability without glass
  • hard and scratch resistant surface
  • waterproof 
  • can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner  
  • Vibrant colors, great detail and high resolution.

HG Metal Pints are available in a range of standard sizes; 5x5” up to 30x48”.
You also have several mounting options:

  • Aluminum hanging strips for sizes up to 12x12”.
  • Aluminum Frames for larger sizes up to 30x48”.
  • Aluminum Z-Clips provide a fast and secure method for hanging.

Corners are rounded with a fashionable 1/8” radius.
Choosing the aluminum frame, or aluminum strip option, means your images will arrive ready for hanging and display.
The frame is inset 2–3” from the edge of print and is ½” in depth.

Metal Prints are weatherproof, moisture proof, and scratch resistant but like regular photographs they will fade so please avoid direct sunlight.

Please note: Metal Prints are produced on aluminum that has a special coating applied. This coating can sometimes contain small surface imperfections such as minor 'craters' or 'bumps'. We carefully place images so if there are imperfections we place them in the most unobtrusive part of the image. Unfortunately we cannot remake prints due to these imperfections.

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