Headshot Photography

Why is a good headshot important?

It is human nature to make a snap judgement about someone based entirely on appearance, and in the online world that can cost you. That's why everybody should have a good have a good current headshot of themselves. After all, your online profile image is what you present to the world.

A good headshot invokes trust and respect, and shows you care. A good headshot attracts people and opportunities, and can even make you feel better about yourself. It's not only important for business websites, online networking, and Linkedin; but also for your social profiles.

We can do formal corporate headshots using lighting and backdrops, or do an urban style headshot outdoors.

The final image will be edited and touched up to give it that extra impact.

We will also give you tips beforehand on how to prepare for your headshot, and our photographer will work with you to get your 'best look'. It's that simple and before you know it you have an updated and fresh look for your online presence.

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