Fine Art Photography

This is the ultimate photography gift!

It's not just a photo-shoot, but truly a special experience where you work with the photographer to plan and execute a visual idea. 

You become the suject in an impressive work of art that will look amazing on your wall.

 Framed Fine Art Photography

Here's how it works...

The photographer discusses ideas with the subject, and together they pick a creation. It can be a of a favourite painting, like in this image, or something entirey fresh and new. We discuss props, colors, fabrics, and more. You're a big part of the creative process. Then we pull it all together in a studio, in a relazed environment were you can sit back and enjoy music, coffee, tea, snacks, and even a glass of wine. You can even bring some friends or family to come share the experience with you because this is an event, a celebration of something fun and great!

Next we take some test shots and tweak things until we are sure the lighting and setup is just right, and then the photogaphy begins.

After the photo session, the photographer reviews and picks the best image, spending hours to edit it to perfection, then it's off to printing.

Imagine a framed masterpiece of fine art on your favorite wall.

It is the ultimate gift and timeless to be admired for generations.

Fine art photography such as this takes a lot of time and planning to do it well and depending on the complexity of the project andnumber of subjects, the price will vary greatly.

Expect to invest from $2400.00 to $10,000 for most projects.

Contact us to book your experience.

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