About Baby and Children Photography

This is an overview of maternity, baby, and children photography.
It is popular for people to get a series of photography sessions around the birth, and during first year of a child. 
This usually begins with the... 

Maternity Session

 A maternity session is a photo shoot during pregnancy.
It is a trend that has really grown in popularity.
The best time for the maternity session is at 35 weeks along.

Maternity photography is not for everyone, as many women are uncomfortable having their pictures take during pregnancy.
Not sure if you're interesting in maternity images? 

To help you decide, take a look at this article from BellyBelly website - 10 Great Reasons to Have Pregnancy Photography

After the baby is born, there are several milestone photo sessions that can occur.
The first is the... 

Newborn Session

Newborn sessions occur when your baby is 7-14 days old.
This is the best time as your baby's complexion should have a more natural tone.
Any unflattering redness or jaundice coloring should be gone by this time.

These photo sessions occur when you baby is most fragile and new to the world.
As such, these sessions need to be well planned to ensure the comfort and safety of your baby.

We like to conduct these sessions in the comfort and convenience of your own home.
This is great for the baby and easier for you too!
If you to follow our newborn session tips, it will ensure the highest degree of success in acquiring the best images.

Sitting Baby Session

The next photo session  is usually when you child is able to sit up, perhaps with some assistance.

This occurs around 6-7 months of age.
At this stage the baby is more engaged and interactive - a great time to get some cute and classic baby shots!

See our sitting baby session tips for ideas on how get the best results.

Next comes the photography session that everyone loves, the...

One Year Old Session

This is a big milestone, and a very fun, and memorable photo session!
It is the time when your baby is turning into a toddler, and provides for some very entertaining shots.
Complete the session by precious photos of your baby digging into their first birthday cake.

Make the session even better, see this 1 year old session tips.

Children Photography Sessions

You may want to have yearly photography of your children, where we capture a series of posed and candid images.
Children photo sessions tell a story and can highlight the special events, hobbies, skills, and interests of your children.
They also capture your children having fun and just being children. 

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