Tips for 6 Month Old Photo Session


Ideally we will want to find a location in your home with a good source of natural light.
Natural light from windows, is beautiful to use, and minimizes the amount of equipment required.
You baby will be on the floor during the session, so look for a floor location that is well lit by natural light.
However, don't worry if you cannot find the ideal location in your home, because we also come prepared with extra lighting equipment.


Choose muted tones that are a bit subdued.
Choose similar tones for tops and bottoms (both dark or both light).
Disposable diapers are a bit lumpy looking, so please use a nice diaper cover for the baby if you have one.
Generally avoid busy patterns and bright colours because they can be distracting in photographs.

During the session

At 6 months, baby likes to suck and chew on everything, but we don't need to capture that in pictures.
For the session it is recommended to take away any small objects that they will suck on.
Instead, provide a small stuffed animal to keep them happy.

At least one parent's participation is required throughout the session (both parents is best).
One parent will stand behind the camera to help draw baby's, when requested.
The other parent will be close to the baby to assist in posing and, of course, to dab away any drool.

To help stablize baby in sitting position, a bobby pillow can be used.
Another trick is to hold baby's hand for stability, and then let go just before we take the shot.

In order to get baby to look at the camera, you can use some high tech gadgets like squeeky toy, keys, or a rattle.

Good Energy

During the session, everybody needs to be calm, positive, and smile a lot.
This needs to be a low-stress, happy time for baby.
Don't worry about anything and just go with the flow.
If baby needs a diaper change or a break during the session, that's okay and expected.

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