Cake Smash Bash!

This is it - your child's first birthday and a big occasion!
Let's get some great shots of your child and top it off with a traditional cake smash.
Cake smashes are wildly popular and a lot of fun, and here are some tips to get the best results from the photo session.


Be ready to clean up afterwards! Have plenty of wipes and towels or a bath handy.
For the cake smash, we want to have a uncluttered, solid coloured backbround, such as a wall.
If you have the room, we can setup a mini studio with lighting and a white vinyl backdrop.

As it can get pretty messy, you may want to purchase a large white vinyl tablecloth from a Dollar store, to make cleanup easier.


Think about what you want your child to wear. 

Prior to the cake smash, you may have a cute or funny outfit that can be used for some shots.
During the cake smash, you will want to do a wardrobe change.
Remember that whatever they're wearing might end up covered in cake and icing, so now's not the time for fancy clothes!
Lots of parents just put their little ones in nappies for the cake smash.
If your child will be wearing a disposable nappy in the pictures, it can look nicer if they’ve got a nappy cover over the top.

The cake

Keep the cake simple so that the focus remains on your baby.
Some parents prefer buying un-iced sponge cakes from the supermarket them icing them yourself, as the sponge breaks up easily.

Avoid fondant icing, as it’s too hard for kids to break into! Buttercream icing, or even whipped cream, is best.

Don’t keep the cake in the fridge beforehand, as it can make them too hard for kids to break up.
Vanilla icing is prefered, but you can choose some coloured icing if you like.

Avoid red icing as it can have a blood like appearance in photographs.

Also avaoid cholocolate icing because it can look like... well, you know.
While you can use coloured icing or trims, simple cakes can look great in photos – colourful sprinkles on a white cake is all you need!

The shoot

When we arrive, we'll take a look around to determine a good area to set for the shoot.
We'll start with some group and individual shots of your child, and then move onto the cake smash.
During the session, we are happy to discuss ideas you may have for other images too.
Think about your child's personality, abilities, and the funny things he/she does.
It could lead to some fun pictures.

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